A Lakeside Engagement Session – Haley and Riley
September 20th, 2016

These two were an absolute a blast to photograph.  It did take some convincing of the benefits of an engagement session, but when we decided on a short session with drinks and barbecue after… they were sold!

Haley and Riley met in Seattle through some online mutual friends.  They bonded over several heated games of skee ball and pinball.  They would tell you it was love at first sight! Riley’s proposal to Haley included a game of Madden and a cheese ball – love these guys. Haley shared with us how it all happened…

“The day before – over beers at one of our favorite breweries in Seattle – he told my parents all the reasons he loved me and asked for their permission. That really felt like the proposal for me, but of course he still had to actually propose. The next day, while my mom and I took my dog for a walk, he hid three glasses of champagne and waited for us to come back. When we walked in he was playing Xbox (it was a long walk), and I asked why there was champagne hidden on the bookshelf (I’m smooth…). He quickly got on one knee, pulled out a cheeseball with the ring in it from his pocket (really..I jokingly told him that morning he should hide it in food when he proposed and he actually obliged), asked me if I would “be weird together for life” and once I said “duh,” he returned to his game of Madden.”

We love the energy these two have and are anticipating a ridiculously fun wedding.  The countdown has begun… the wedding is just a few weeks away are we’re honored and excited to be a part of it!

_l1A3673 Haley_Brown_Engagement_004 _l1A3658bwHaley_Brown_Engagement_005Haley_Brown_Engagement_006 Haley_Brown_Engagement_007 Haley_Brown_Engagement_008 Haley_Brown_Engagement_009 Haley_Brown_Engagement_010 Haley_Brown_Engagement_011 Haley_Brown_Engagement_012 Haley_Brown_Engagement_013 Haley_Brown_Engagement_014Haley_Brown_Engagement_015 Haley_Brown_Engagement_016 Haley_Brown_Engagement_017

Haley and Riley, thank you for giving us the honor of capturing your lives during this special time.  We already adore both of you, and can’t wait for the fun that is to come!

Love Haley’s make up?  A special thanks to Danielle Drake for a beautiful job!


We’re Obsessed with this Tiny Beauty!
September 13th, 2016

This precious little girl stole our hearts a little over a year ago.  She’s not our own blood, but we love her like she is.  Sweet Carolina belongs to Stephanie, who has been part of the Footstone team for many years.  As I (Kristin) did with our two little boys, Stephanie brought Carolina to the office with her for almost a full year.  We all adopted her, or perhaps fought over her, and she officially became part of the family.

This session was to celebrate Carolina turning one year old.  Can you tell this little girl knows how to sit for a portrait session?  As Paul played in wildflowers with Carolina, Stephanie, Geoffrey and I just laughed the entire time at how she “performed” for Paul.  It’s easy to see she loves Paul and will happily sit and play while looking perfectly perfect in her field of pink.

Stephanie and Geoffrey, you are raising a beautiful little lady.  Well done for surviving the first year and thank you for letting us share it with you!

Carolina_5760 Carolina_5775 Carolina_5793 Carolina_5888 Carolina_5900bw Carolina_5904 Carolina_5921 Carolina_5929 Carolina_5956bw Carolina_5964


A Captivating Senior Session
September 6th, 2016

Our lovely Ally has recently graduated and is now off to Oxford, Mississippi to join the Rebels at Ole Miss.  This summer we had the honor of photographing Ally before she went off to school.  Ally wanted a simple and organic session verses one in studio so Paul picked one of his new favorite spots to photograph, an almost-deserted country road just a few minutes outside of town.  All within a small square of land there’s a canopied dirt road, a lush forest area and the part that everyone loves… the timeworn rickety fence. Place our darling subject here in her flowing dresses and red high heels… magic!

When you scroll and see the portraits of Ally standing in the dirt road, notice the textured light behind her?  During the session, when a couple cars turned down the road where they were shooting, Paul got excited.  He motioned for them to drive fast into the distance so the dirt would stir up behind Ally and Paul could capture the glow of the soft light catching the sand.

We are now finishing up Ally’s senior album which will be printed by GraphiStudio in Arba, Italy.  It will have a custom leather display box featuring her Italian hand-assembled book.  There will likely be a studio sample as well so please ask to see it when you come in!

Congratulations Ally and we hope you’re enjoying the exciting beginnings of your college life.  We adore your family and are honored we got to work with you!
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An Exquisite NEW Album for our Brides
August 31st, 2016

We are excited to announce that we have an incredibly beautiful NEW product for our brides!  Our Young Book will be an exquisite display of your engagement session that can be designed with leathers and fabrics to pull together the look of your wedding.  The custom box will stand open on your guest book table and the paper is designed perfectly for signing.  Your guests will love turning the pages and see your session unfold.  There’s no more beautiful way to present these portraits and make a high end statement at your wedding.  Plus, the part I (Kristin) love the most about these books is your guests not only sign their names, but they leave special messages too.  There’s no greater keepsake than combining your portraits and these messages to save for a lifetime.

In the office now we have a sample Young Book with a gold foil monogram, a black leather box and a cream leather book inside that showcases a stunning outdoor engagement session.  We can’t wait for our brides to see it.

Here’s a sneak peak of how incredibly beautiful these books are!


A Country Road Engagement Session – Jolyn and Andrew
August 26th, 2016

We are so honored to photograph this precious couple.  Andrew and Jolyn met at Southeastern University in 2007. Andrew thought Jolyn was out of his league, and she thought he was cute… but neither made a move! Fast forward to 2012, they met again at the wedding of their two best friends. Days after the wedding, they finally started talking, but it took a year of countless phone calls and texts before they began their crazy long distance relationship between Florida and Texas.

The proposal was a complete surprise for Jolyn. She shared with us about how it happened, and how shocked she was!

“I thought that he was going to propose on our third anniversary, on New Years Eve, but when that didn’t happen I figured it would be sometime after my birthday in June. Well, Andrew flew out for Valentine’s Day weekend and when I picked him up from the airport, he told me that we were going to out and that I needed to dress up. I wasn’t feeling the best and told him that we really didn’t need to dress up super fancy for the restaurant but he told me that I have complained that we don’t get dressed up for dates anymore so I had to wear a dress. (So thankful that he made me dress up!) On the way to the restaurant he took me to Lake Alice, and my best friend Madeline was there. I should have guessed something was up but I was convinced that he wasn’t going to propose anytime soon so a proposal never crossed my mind. Andrew told me that for my Valentine’s Day present, we were going to take couple’s photos and that he wouldn’t complain. This is a BIG deal because he HATES taking pictures. I had been begging him for months to take cute couples pictures and he always told me no. We walked around the lake, and I kept telling him where to stand and to use his real smile. When we were in this little secluded spot he kissed my head and told me that he loved me. I told him that I loved him too, and then out of nowhere he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I, of course, started crying and said yes!”

Jolyn Engagment_l1A3216 Jolyn Engagment_l1A3272 Jolyn Engagment_l1A3340

Jolyn and Andrew are planning a Rustic-themed wedding with romantic elements and tons of flowers. They want an organic feel because they’d like it to represent their personalities.  “We love to be outside. Some of our favorite activities include skiing/snowboarding, being on the lake, and working out. We both love to go out dancing and being with friends and family,” shared Jolyn.  After talking with Jolyn and hearing her describe the vision for the wedding, she reminds me (Kristin) more and more of Joanna on HGTV’s “Fixer Upper”.  Jolyn comes from a family of builders and she can handle her fair share of demo, painting and remodeling.  I have no doubt this “do it yourself” bride is going to impress friends and family with her creativity and skill!

Jolyn Engagment_l1A3346bw Jolyn Engagment_l1A3388 Jolyn Engagment_l1A3411Jolyn Engagment_l1A3503bwJolyn Engagment_l1A3642bw Jolyn Engagment_l1A3551bw

We are so excited to photograph these two saying “I DO!” this coming January at Rembert Farms in Alachua, Florida.  When we asked Jolyn how she would describe her and Andrew’s relationship, she replied, “Sarcastic, funny, and full of love!”  We can tell this wedding is going to be an incredible amount of fun.  When we first heard that Andrew “hated” pictures we considered it an absolute challenge!  After the session, Jolyn texted me (Kristin) and said that Andrew actually had enjoyed himself.  Victory!

Jolyn and Andrew, thank you for giving us the privilege of capturing your love story.  It’s going to be an exciting few months ahead for you guys and we’re honored we get to share it with you!