Emily and Sean’s Beautiful Southern Wedding
March 4th, 2016

We’re so excited to share some of Emily and Sean’s breathtaking album spreads with you today.  Last week we shared their album slideshow, but today we want you to take a slow look at how this incredible day unfolded.

Emily and Sean got married at the lovely Rembert Farms in Alachua, Florida. It seriously couldn’t have been a more perfect day.  It was important to Emily that she didn’t feel rushed or anxious so we built a timeline that left plenty of time to enjoy having her family and her bridesmaids close by.  Emily got ready at her parents house which happens to sit at the highest point in Alachua County, so the rolling hills and green landscape was a dream to photograph in.


Enjoy their album spreads below!

Emily&Sean Cover Emily&Sean Spread 002 Emily&Sean Spread 004 Emily&Sean Spread 006

Emily was holding a necklace that belonged to her great grandmother’s that her mother wore at her wedding.  Emily’s garter was actually the bow that her mother put on her the day Emily came home from the hospital.  These personal touches of heritage and family make these moments even more precious.  This family is incredibly close and it was important to them to incorporate tradition and respect of the lives being joined that day.

Emily&Sean Spread 007 Emily&Sean Spread 008

Emily warned us that her dad is a cryer (which we always joke with our clients that we have tear radar!).  We took just a few moments for Emily to spend with just her mom and dad, and also a very important member of the family… Daisy.  We don’t have a picture of it because we went running when it started to happen, but once Emily walked outside for her bridal portraits, Daisy came running and immediately sat down on the train of Emily’s gown!  I (Kristin) shrieked and both Paul and I went running.  We tried to pick Daisy up and move her but she literally refused and forcefully became dead weight on the gown… she was making sure that she got a moment all to herself with Emily too!Emily&Sean Spread 009 Emily&Sean Spread 011

Emily and Sean love to be outside together, so naturally, their venue and decor reflected that.  Emily wanted her girls in navy and holding sunflowers to complete the classy, yet casually rustic feel.  Sean wore a complimentary tan vest, and his groomsmen wore blue jeans and dark ties. We love the relaxed look, and I’m sure the groomsmen appreciated it too.  Even fall weddings in Florida can be a bit warm, so we suspect our groom and groomsmen were quite thankful Emily and Sean wanted to keep it casual.Emily&Sean Spread 042Emily&Sean Spread 013 Emily&Sean Spread 015Emily&Sean Spread 018

Emily and Sean chose not to have a first look, which many of our brides and grooms do, so we love these moments when they spotted each other for the first time as Emily walked down the aisle with her father.  What precious joy in that first look!!

Emily&Sean Spread 019 Emily&Sean Spread 020

Rembert Farms is nestled deep in the country and has a vintage and authentic Southern feel.  The stunning oak tree provides a perfectly beautiful landscape for an outdoor ceremony plus they have a rustic pole barn for the cocktail hour and an enormous indoor barn for the reception.  The wide open spaces and green landscape was a dream to photograph in.  Plus, Emily and Sean couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day.  There was hardly a cloud in the sky.Emily&Sean Spread 021 Emily&Sean Spread 022

Notice the bananas… we still have no idea.  We’re guessing the groomsmen have a story. 🙂Emily&Sean Spread 024 Emily&Sean Spread 025 Emily&Sean Spread 026

Family formals are very important to have to document the faces of the special people you have with you on your wedding day.  We try to have these done very quickly right after the ceremony.  Emily and her mom, Kelly, sat with me (Kristin) and recorded the names and combinations of family they wanted to photograph and we put the groups in an order that we knew would photograph the fastest.  We had these group pictures done in about ten minutes and then headed off to play with the wedding party!Emily&Sean Spread 027 Emily&Sean Spread 028 Emily&Sean Spread 029

Seriously.  This day could not have been more perfect.  The light, the fields, her gown… amazing!  The above spread and the one below show you how Paul and I are working together.  Paul is photographing the wide landscape taking the entire moment in, while I am zoomed in close capturing a more intimate look at the same moment.  Emily and Sean didn’t have much time after the ceremony because they wanted to join their cocktail hour, but we were able to get ridiculously beautiful images of them in a short amount of time.  I can’t wait for Emily’s album to arrive and we can see it in print.  If you think it’s beautiful on your monitor… just wait until you see the real thing!

Emily&Sean Spread 030 Emily&Sean Spread 031 Emily&Sean Spread 032 Emily&Sean Spread 034 Emily&Sean Spread 035 Emily&Sean Spread 037Emily&Sean Spread 039 Emily&Sean Spread 038 Emily&Sean Spread 040Emily&Sean Spread 041Emily&Sean Spread 042

This isn’t every spread from Emily and Sean’s album, but it shows the highlights of this amazing day! Thank you to these families for the privilege of being a part of your special day.  We wish you a lifetime of happiness!

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Venue: The Rembert Farms

Make Up Artist: Kara Winslow

Florist: Crevasses Florist

Caterer: Hills BBQ & Catering

Rentals: Party Time Rentals

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