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Noche 2015

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

When Noche de Gala began 8 years ago, I (Paul) photographed the event held in the Tioga Town Center.  It was a great event, lots of people, amazing food and dancing.  I don’t think anyone quite realized the crater of impact that first event had – it was the launch of something big.  If you live in Gainesville you have at some point heard the story of how the Sebastian Ferrero Foundation was started (if you haven’t, click here), and the incredible courage and vision of Horst and Luisa Ferrero.  They took on the monumental challenge of helping to build a dedicated children’s hospital and now, 8 years later, we can drive along 16th and see the bright, colorful exterior of UF Shands Children’s Hospital.  We have supported the Foundation’s efforts since the beginning, but it wasn’t until just recently we realized how important this mission was.  One recurring theme of the Foundation that I heard over the years is that children are not just little adults when it comes to medical treatment and dosing, and as we sat in a hospital room with our then 3 year old curled up on Kristin’s lap, just having undergone surgery, it became incredibly important to me in that moment that all of the doctors and nurses were specifically trained to treat my child.  Lots of people have been a part of the fun side of the Foundation, supporting them through events like Noche de Gala, helping the dream of a dedicated children’s facility become a reality.  My family has now experienced the results side of the Foundation, and I am eternally thankful for what they have accomplished.

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We were honored to be a part of such an incredible event working alongside Keith Watson Productions, Frankel Media, the Sebastian Ferrero Foundation and many others. May God bless these efforts and especially the families and children who need them.

Author Autumn Doughton

Friday, November 13th, 2015

I (Paul) was approached by the Village Journal to photograph local author Autumn Doughton for the cover story in the summer issue. The location was a vintage library in downtown Gainesville, and I had been warned that the vintage theme of the library included a 70’s feel and no air conditioning. So I donned my standard black on black outfit (note: photographers wear black to hide sweat and dirt. And to look really cool) and loaded up the truck. Alyson (my assistant) and I arrived bright and early to load in, and sure enough, it was pretty warm in there. With a promise to get warmer. The feel of the shoot was to be rooted in a 70’s vibe to correspond with the library, while the clothing would add a modern touch. Channing and Kilty, the force behind the Village Journal, had sourced clothing, Kara Winslow as MUA extraordinaire, Donnie Lancaster was hair master. This is my kind of shoot. Sometimes the importance of the team is overlooked in commercial photography, but it takes a team, and we had a good one.

Now I’m going to get technical for a minute, for any nerdy photographers out there. This first scene was lit with a beauty dish as the backlight, and I believe a 4×6 softbox as front fill. I use Paul C. Buff lighting and RadioPoppers as triggers. This combo gives me complete freedom to adjust light output on the fly, so my assistant can stay comfy in her chair. Just kidding, I actually have her running around moving c-stands and reflectors on a consistent basis.

And she models for me…

GI1A9795 copy

I tried to keep the warm yellowish tint from the tungsten lights in the foreground and background to keep up the vintage look.

Autumn-0006 copy

After the first clothing change, I decided I wanted to get Autumn talking. She had never been in front of the camera like this, but she was already rocking it. I put her in front of a book case, lit her with a 4’x6’ softbox, and she took it from there. Her energy was natural and contagious.

Autumn-0030 copy

The next set was tricky. How do I photograph her from directly overhead without risking crushing her? Well, that was a risk we would just have to take. It wasn’t that bad, but it was precarious. Definitely worth it.

Autumn-0044 copy

This clothing change allowed me to dig a little deeper into the 70’s vibe. I shot 2 softboxes through the bookcase to mimic sunlight shining through.

Autumn-0057 copy

I used natural light coming in the front window, which was only partially blocked by patrons of the library peering in wondering why they weren’t open yet…

Autumn-0072 copy

Autumn-0065bw copy

Just for fun we went outside and took a few.

Autumn-0083 copy

I had a blast with this shoot, had a great team, looking forward to the next time. Oh, and as we were loading out, ready to leave, one of the employees walked in and said, “Wow, you guys didn’t turn on the AC?”

Footstone named as “100 Best” in the U.S!

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

We’re literally giggling and squirming in our seats as we write this post!  Footstone has been listed by Professional Photographer’s of America as “#100 of the Best Photographers” in the industry.

I’m telling myself to breathe…  about to go into my “ugly laugh”!!

We had the honor of sharing a few months ago about Footstone being selected as a platform speaker of Imaging USA in 2016.  Now, in the newest publication of Professional Photographer’s Magazine, we’re featured as one of the industry’s best.  We’re speechless.

There isn’t much more I (Kristin), even know to say other than, THANK YOU.  Thank you to our friends and family who believe in us.  Thank you to our clients who value printed artwork.  Thank you to our Lord for allowing us to pursue this passion.



Published in North Central Florida Bride Magazine

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

We are so unbelievably honored and excited to have Sally & Patrick’s wedding chosen for the cover of North Central Florida Bride Magazine!  You can also see their wonderful love story featured in the magazine. We also had many mentions throughout this issue including two other gorgeous Footstone brides, Jen and Ashley, who were runner-ups for the cover contest.  There were also 2 weddings featured within the pages, Kelly & Dale at the amazing Biltmore Mansion and Emily & Trey at the rustic Santa Fe River Ranch.

We couldn’t be more honored to have such wonderful clients and vendors to work with at each and every wedding!  You should definitely pick up a copy today!

North Florida Bride Magazine Wedding Feature www.footstonephotography.comYou can see more of Sally & Patrick’s Haile Plantation Golf & Country Club Wedding on our blog.

North Florida Bride Magazine Wedding Feature www.footstonephotography.comYou can see more of Jen & John’s Sweetwater Branch Inn Wedding and Emily & Trey’s Santa Fe River Ranch Wedding on our blog.  Ashley & Ryan’s Piedmont Estate & Gardens Wedding is coming soon!

North Florida Bride Magazine Wedding Feature www.footstonephotography.comKelly & Dale’s Biltmore Estate Wedding is coming soon to our blog!

Of course, there were also some great engagement sessions to go along with these weddings.  See them here : Sally & Patrick’s Sunrise Engagement  –  Emily & Trey’s Outdoor Engagement  –  Ashley & Ryan’s New York City Engagement Part 1 & Part 2  –  Kelly & Dale’s Gainesville Engagement

Featured on… I Love Farm Weddings!

Monday, June 10th, 2013

This is an exciting Monday, here at Footstone!  We are honored by yet another feature on one of the top wedding blogs, I Love Farm Weddings!  Kayla and Justin had a sweet springtime wedding on her family’s property.  Every bride planning a farm, country, or outdoor wedding will hopefully be able to draw great inspiration from this couple. We hope you enjoy these images as much as we do!  You can see more of Kayla and Justin’s images in their custom designed heirloom album here.  Thank you, I Love Farm Weddings! for choosing this feature!

I Love Farm Weddings Headline