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A Captivating Senior Session

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

Our lovely Ally has recently graduated and is now off to Oxford, Mississippi to join the Rebels at Ole Miss.  This summer we had the honor of photographing Ally before she went off to school.  Ally wanted a simple and organic session verses one in studio so Paul picked one of his new favorite spots to photograph, an almost-deserted country road just a few minutes outside of town.  All within a small square of land there’s a canopied dirt road, a lush forest area and the part that everyone loves… the timeworn rickety fence. Place our darling subject here in her flowing dresses and red high heels… magic!

When you scroll and see the portraits of Ally standing in the dirt road, notice the textured light behind her?  During the session, when a couple cars turned down the road where they were shooting, Paul got excited.  He motioned for them to drive fast into the distance so the dirt would stir up behind Ally and Paul could capture the glow of the soft light catching the sand.

We are now finishing up Ally’s senior album which will be printed by GraphiStudio in Arba, Italy.  It will have a custom leather display box featuring her Italian hand-assembled book.  There will likely be a studio sample as well so please ask to see it when you come in!

Congratulations Ally and we hope you’re enjoying the exciting beginnings of your college life.  We adore your family and are honored we got to work with you!
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Ethan’s Outdoor Senior Session

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

We’re excited to share a fun and different senior session with you today.  Ethan graduated from Eastside High School and wanted to do something that suited his lifestyle and personality instead of the traditional senior poses.  His mom Molly and I (Kristin) brainstormed how to make the session comfortable and true to Ethan, an avid outdoorsman.  We decided upon an area that we have not photographed at very often… private property owned by Paul’s parents.  The property sits right near Payne’s Prairie and has a similar marshy forest atmosphere, perfect for a jeep, a gun, a hunter and loyal bloodhound.

When we described the feel Ethan was going for to Paul, he got very excited.  It’s always a fun challenge to create a custom session suited for a special client.  We have known and loved Ethan’s family for a very long time and sincerely wanted to make this an extra special experience for all of them.  Ethan, Paul seriously enjoyed every minute of photographing you and Rose.  We wish you an incredibly successful year ahead and we’re honored we could photograph your senior portraits!
Ethan-McLeod-Senior-Session-Outdoor-Nature-Gun-Photography-001 Ethan-McLeod-Senior-Session-Outdoor-Nature-Gun-Photography-002 Ethan-McLeod-Senior-Session-Outdoor-Nature-Gun-Photography-003 Ethan-McLeod-Senior-Session-Outdoor-Nature-Gun-Photography-004 Ethan-McLeod-Senior-Session-Outdoor-Nature-Gun-Photography-005 Ethan-McLeod-Senior-Session-Outdoor-Nature-Gun-Photography-006 Ethan-McLeod-Senior-Session-Outdoor-Nature-Gun-Photography-007

Ella’s Fabulous Senior Session

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

All we can do is… sighhhhh.

Ella is a beautiful soul inside and out and it was crazy fun and incredibly honoring to photograph her senior session.  She is a ridiculously intelligent young woman and her personality and style is simply fabulous.  We enjoyed every minute of photographing her and hope that we captured her heart in these portraits.

We designed a Senior Album for Ella that includes some of her favorite quotes from Marilyn Monroe and Maya Angelou.  Her Announcements were absolutely stunning and we’ll share a picture of those on the blog soon.  I want to make sure her friends and family receive them before we post them here!

To Ella and Dana and your entire family, we are honored we could share this milestone with you.  Ella, you are an incredible young woman and we’re excited to see what amazing things you do with your life.  Get ready world!  We have a feeling you’ll take it by storm.  🙂

Footstone-Senior-Session-Glam-Fabulous-Red-Heels-Outdoor-Classy-Senior-Session-003Footstone-Senior-Session-Glam-Fabulous-Red-Heels-Outdoor-Classy-Senior-Session-001 Footstone-Senior-Session-Glam-Fabulous-Red-Heels-Outdoor-Classy-Senior-Session-002Footstone-Senior-Session-Glam-Fabulous-Red-Heels-Outdoor-Classy-Senior-Session-005 Footstone-Senior-Session-Glam-Fabulous-Red-Heels-Outdoor-Classy-Senior-Session-004 Footstone-Senior-Session-Glam-Fabulous-Red-Heels-Outdoor-Classy-Senior-Session-008Footstone-Senior-Session-Glam-Fabulous-Red-Heels-Outdoor-Classy-Senior-Session-006 Footstone-Senior-Session-Glam-Fabulous-Red-Heels-Outdoor-Classy-Senior-Session-007 Footstone-Senior-Session-Glam-Fabulous-Red-Heels-Outdoor-Classy-Senior-Session-009 Footstone-Senior-Session-Glam-Fabulous-Red-Heels-Outdoor-Classy-Senior-Session-010 Footstone-Senior-Session-Glam-Fabulous-Red-Heels-Outdoor-Classy-Senior-Session-011 Footstone-Senior-Session-Glam-Fabulous-Red-Heels-Outdoor-Classy-Senior-Session-012 Footstone-Senior-Session-Glam-Fabulous-Red-Heels-Outdoor-Classy-Senior-Session-013

Thank you to Kara Winslow for Ella’s impeccable makeup.

Technically Glamorous

Friday, January 29th, 2016

I’m going to dive into one of my favorite images from a recent session, so pardon me (Paul) for getting technical…

When Ella came in for her senior session, and the fabulous MUA Kara Winslow was wrapping up this glamorous look on her, I knew that a beauty light set up was needed. I love to get crazy with lighting, but sometimes less is more. Keeping it simple, I used a 5 foot octabox directly in front of her, over my head. I knew the octabox would give me the shape I was looking for on her face, but I added a white reflector underneath to fill in some of the shadows to keep a soft look in the image. The softbox did a beautiful job of gently carving out her cheekbones and jawline, and added a great highlight on her lips. Her hair frames her face and keeps your eyes bouncing between her eyes and lips as you look at the image.



Camera is a Canon 5D MKIII, 70-200 lens, shot at F/5 and ISO 400.

The image is simple and beautiful, which is what I love about it.

Some of our Fall Favorites!

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

In celebration of an incredible 2015, today we’re sharing some of favorite fall sessions from the year.  If you know us personally, you know we love weddings, but there is always something so special and fulfilling about photographing families.  These kinds of moments are equally as special as any other kind of photography, and we are blessed to do them.

Paul’s absolute favorite part of photographing a family is to steal the children away, just he and them, and allow them to open up and become themselves.  The greatest compliment we can get is when a mom says we captured her children’s real personalities.

After any type of session, our hope is that these kinds of images will go on your wall, where it will captivate you and your family for generations to come.  Sweet moments are meant to be shared and celebrated, and we believe the best way to do that is to print them and make them real.

The images you’ll see in this post are just a few of our favorites (we have so many!), but we hope you’ll see why we love our Footstone families.
Ashleigh-0006 Fall Favs2Ashleigh-0028FallFav1 FallFavs4 GI1A9386web GI1A9434webfall Favs3 GI1A9881web Purcell-Christmas-2015-9170FallFavs5 Purcell-Christmas-2015-9329Purcell-Christmas-2015FallFavs6

Waters-Christmas-4840 KP1_4489

Thank you to our wonderful Footstone families, and here’s to a fantastic 2016!