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A Holiday Special for Our Families!

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

Do you have extended family coming into town this month for the Holidays?  Most of us do and even though it means lots of preparation and a busy schedule, we want to encourage you to consider it also the perfect time for a family portrait.  We hear all the time how families wished they had taken the time when all of their family was in town to have everyone photographed together.  It is ALWAYS a good time to capture the blessing of your extended family.  As an incentive for you to start planning this special session, we’re offering a holiday gift.  When you schedule a Generational Panoramic Family Session, we will give you complimentary 16 inch wide framed portrait of your entire family.  So for the one who is doing all the coordinating, planning, and working with us on scheduling… this is your reward!

Here are a few examples of our Generational Portraits.  Not only will we photograph the large group, but we’ll spend time with each family unit individually so you’ll have the smaller combinations as well.  See the last picture in the post of Kristin holding a the sample of your free gift!  Call us today and we’ll go over all the details with you!

Large Family Portrait

Brittany-Lee-Family-Portrait-Session- 002




A Much-Anticipated Family Portrait!

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

Large Family Portrait

Talk about a session that required a LOT of pre-planning… what you see above is ALL of the Privette family!  Well, all meaning Paul’s parents, siblings and spouses, and the first generation of grandchildren.  This portrait is an absolute treasure for our family and is printed and displayed at over 5 feet long over Malcolm and Dee’s mantle.

This is an example of a Generational Panoramic Portrait.  When you want to include multiple generations in one portrait, it typically becomes necessary to start stacking people, meaning some stand, some sit on chairs, some sit on the ground… which can be beautiful.  But Paul wanted a way that looked a little more modern and where each family member could be close up within the frame.  What you see above is a combination of 8 separate images combined into one seamless panoramic portrait.

We asked “Nana and Pop”, Paul’s mom and dad, to share what the experience was like both planning and participating in a Generational Session. We sincerely treasure what they said…

from Nana… “To even imagine that my family of 27 could be in one picture together was a stretch of the imagination.  A dream. And Paul made the dream come true.  Kristin had sent us wardrobe suggestions and a color palette, so there were no surprises on the day of the shoot.  Each family had their turn in front of the camera.  What I didn’t know at the time was that Paul had a plan, an actual drawing of what he wanted the picture to look like — not only which family would be where, but where there would be a connection or a touch or a lean.  So, as we had fun posing and playing, he was subtly crafting a masterpiece.  How he seamlessly put us all together, I’ll never know.  It is a stunning portrait —  priceless — capturing this moment for us forever.  I am so grateful!”

from Pop… “This photograph – besides being of our awesome family and representing a great treasure to us personally, speaks volumes in its seamless presentation.  Everyone who sees it in our home catches their breath.  Nothing quite captures the spirit of our crew as Paul’s photographic artistry and magic. It appropriately enjoys a central place in our home.  Thank you, Paul and Kristin!”

Remember, October is Family Portrait Month so we’re donating our family session fees to the Children’s Advocacy Center.  If your interested in a Panoramic session, but need to schedule it around the holidays when your family will be together, as long as you make your session payment this month, we will gladly donate it to the CAC.


Family Portrait Month is Beginning Soon!

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

photographers in gainesvilleIt’s that time again!  Last year, during the month of October, we raised over $1500 for the Child Advocacy Center.  We’d like to think we’ll surpass that amount this year and give this precious ministry the help and support they desperately need.

Starting in the month of October we celebrate Family Portrait Month, a wonderful opportunity for you to update your family portrait, or portraits of your children, and help to make a difference in the lives of abused and neglected children in our area.  When you schedule your session in October, we will donate your session fee to the Child Advocacy Center, located in Gainesville.  The CAC is a safe place for abused and neglected children.  Their goal is to improve the community’s response to child abuse and to minimize the trauma to children and their families.  Paul and I (Kristin) recently toured the center and it was an incredible experience.  We’ll be sharing more about this special organization throughout the coming weeks and let you know even more ways you can get involved.

We look forward to seeing how our community will come together to support this wonderful organization!  Call us this month to schedule your session for October!

An Amazing Woman and Family

Friday, August 19th, 2016

We say it a lot, but it’s so very true… photographing families is a treasure and we are always so grateful every time we get asked.  To capture a milestone in a family’s life that in an instant will change is a responsibility we take very seriously.  The family we’re sharing with you today is one that couldn’t be any cuter or more special to us.  Missy and her boys, Connor and Logan, are now some of our very close friends.  We first met Connor as a teammate on Win’s, our oldest son’s, baseball team.  While Paul coached the older boys, Logan and Brasher would dig in the dirt by the dugout and Missy and I (Kristin) had a solid hour to just talk.  (Moms know how rare and wonderful this time is!)

Now Logan and Brasher play t-ball together and Connor and Win continue to play for “Coach Paul”.  We get to see these guys 3 or more times a week during the season and we love every minute of it.  I’m going to brag a bit on Missy now and I hope she’s ok with it.  Missy, you are one of the strongest and bravest women I know.  I am always blown away by how much you do for your boys while still managing to maintain a great career.  You challenge me and remind me that while life delivers us unexpected turns, that it’s still our choice to be the mothers and women we want to be. You are an incredibly impressive individual and I am so grateful you are my friend. It was an absolute honor to photograph your beautiful family. Our family adores you!

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For our Mothers during the Month of May

Friday, May 13th, 2016

On Mother’s Day, Paul delivered a 5 foot long framed Panoramic Wall Portrait of all 27 of the Privettes to his mom.  It’s truly spectacular and we’ll share soon.  For my mother, we gave her a Framed Wall Portrait of one of her favorite pictures of our boys in Venice, Italy.  Yes, our family receives pictures quite often as holiday gifts!

Even though Mother’s Day has passed, we are celebrating our mothers the entire of month of May.  With your family session, you’ll receive a 10×10 Framed Fine Art Portrait as our gift.  You can customize the quote and the frame so it fits beautifully on the walls of your home.  We are honored and excited to get to work with you this Spring and thank you to all of our moms.  We hope you were celebrated and loved on this past weekend!

Wall Decor